Welcome to Sustainable Living Maryland, where our mission is to help Maryland go local! We are an organization whose aim is to promote sustainable practices through education, local activities and community buildling. We believe entire communities benefit when individuals choose to develop the knowledge and skills that support self-reliance.

Sustainable Living Maryland has adopted a portion of Route 140 near Westminster to keep clean

Sustainable Living Maryland has adopted a 1.3-mile stretch of Route 140 from South Pleasant Valley Road to Tyrone Road through the state’s Adopt A Highway program.

Volunteers are always welcome for Sustainable Living Maryland’s road cleanups. If you would like to help us pick up trash and recyclables please contact Craig at 410-504-4049.

Please bring gloves and comfortable shoes. Hats, vests and bags are provided.

Thanks for your help keeping Carroll County clean!


Board members Dan Andrews, Joe Maurio and Craig Paskoski performing roadside cleanup

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